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Breaking News

• January 21, 2015 Shot Show (Las Vegas): EU-US platform meeting
• February 20, 2015: Strategic Committee meeting
• March 5, 2015: WFSA Plenary Session, Nuremberg (Germany)
• March 6-9, 2015: IWA Outdoor Classics, Nuremberg (Germany)
• April 21, 2015: Technical Committee meeting, Belgium
• May 5, 2015: BOD meeting, Brussels (Belgium)

The use of lead at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
A recent Canadian report is urging the International Olympic Committee to ban the use of lead shotshells for all Olympic shooting and qualification events worldwide following the 2016 Olympics.
ISSF took immediate action at IOC meetings in Sochi to inform the IOC of the real facts related to the use of lead in Olympic shooting.
AFEMS also took swift action, creating an ad-hoc working group through the WFSA to collaborate with ISSF in order to determine the best strategy to counter this proposal, with the aim to move the focus of the discussion from the ban of lead to the appropriate management of its use.

Actions to counter the classification of metallic lead as a toxic substance
All the European Industries using metallic lead, including ours, are acting for countering the classification of metallic lead as a toxic substance. To this end, several meetings have been recently held at the competent Directorates of the EU Commission in Brussels.
The opposition to the classification is essentially based on two arguments:
• it is not appropriate to classify all forms of lead as toxic because the bioavailability of massive metal is not the same as that of others forms, in particular powder;
• the Specific Concentration Limit (SCL) of 0,03% requested for the classification is not realistic and inconsistent with the existing EU legislation on risks management.
AFEMS is constantly involved with the other European Associations in providing the necessary information and support concerning the use of metallic lead in ammunition.

The Company PRVI Partizan PPU is organizing the next AFEMS Congress.
The venue is Serbia.
The dates are June 4-6, 2015

AFEMS is part of the Firearms Expert Group, a group of experts set up in accordance with the Commission Decision of 11 April 2013, whose aim is to work closely with the DG Home on measures against illicit trafficking in firearms to safeguard the EU's internal security. The first meeting was held in December 2013, while the second meeting was convened on May 2014; a third meeting is scheduled towards the end of the year. For more information on the tasks of the Firearms Expert Group, click here.