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Breaking News

• October 20, 2015: International Lead Symposium, Brussels (Belgium)
• October 21, 2015: BOD meeting, Brussels (Belgium)
• October 21, 2015: Strategic Committee meeting, Brussels (Belgium)

AFEMS and WFSA are organizing the Symposium "The Sustainable Use of Lead Ammunition in Hunting and Sports Shooting: Facts and Emotions" which will be held at the offices of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, Belgium, on 20 October 2015. The Symposium will focus on the sustainable use of lead in ammunition and its impact on both the environment and human health. It will analyse ballistic features of both lead and non-lead ammunition and it will also provide an overview of the current legislation on lead in ammunition both at the European and International level. Interpretation services from and to English, French, German and Italian will be provided during the working sessions. For further information, please contact the Secretariat or visit the Website.

From 4-6 June 2015, the city of Belgrade (Serbia) hosted the 2015 AFEMS Congress. The Congress reached its 64th edition and was a great success: 126 guests joined the numerous AFEMS' Institutional and Social events scheduled in the agenda. The General Assembly, held on June 5th, once again showed a great participation: 71 delegates representing 46 Companies from 20 different European Countries. During the General Assembly, the AFEMS activities of the past 12 months were reported and the action plan regarding the next 12 months was presented. The Chairmen of the Committees and the Secretariat presented the progress made on projects under their responsibility. Three presentations were illustrated by outstanding Guest Speakers. The first two presentations provided a portrait of the activities carried out in Serbia by the national associations in support of hunting and sport shooting. The third presentation focused on the most recent legislative issues discussed at UN and EU level concerning civil firearms and ammunition. The next AFEMS Congress will be held on June 2016, in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). For further information, please contact the AFEMS Secretariat.

The Company MAXAM OUTDOORS is organizing the next AFEMS Congress.
The venue is Palma de Mallorca (Spain).
The dates are June 2-4, 2016

Ban on lead in ammunition lifted in Norway
On February 3rd the Norwegian Parliament voted to reintroduce lead shots for hunting outside wetlands. The decision was taken by a consistent majority of 79 votes in favour and 16 against. This is a great success achieved by the Norwegian Associations that lifted a ban introduced ten years ago and always countered by hunters. The Norwegian Government will now include the decision taken by Parliament in a regulation that allows hunters to return using lead shots ammunition over non-wetland, starting from the hunting season of the current year For further info, please contact the AFEMS Secretariat.

The study "Lead in game meat and bio-accessibility of lead metal fragments" is now published on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
The Swedish study "Lead in Game Meat and Bio-Accessibility of Lead Metal Fragments" has been recently published on SSRN, the best open-access repository in the world.
The aim of the study conducted on free-range wild boars shot during normal hunting conditions, is to experimentally examine what percentage of any metal lead fragments present in game meat is converted to water soluble bio-accessible lead salts in the human gastrointestinal process.
By using the most advanced technology and techniques the study demonstrates that less than 1 % of the lead metal fragments accidentally ingested by persons eating game meat is converted to bio-accessible ionic form and absorbed by the human tissues. The results achieved by the study prove once again that restrictions on the use of lead in hunting ammunition are based on ideological, emotional and political elements rather than real facts fact and scientific evidence.
Please click here to access SSRN's website.
For further info, please contact the AFEMS Secretariat.

Actions to counter the classification of metallic lead as a toxic substance
All the European Industries using metallic lead, including ours, are acting for countering the classification of metallic lead as a toxic substance. To this end, several meetings have been recently held at the competent Directorates of the EU Commission in Brussels.
The opposition to the classification is essentially based on two arguments:
• it is not appropriate to classify all forms of lead as toxic because the bioavailability of massive metal is not the same as that of others forms, in particular powder;
• the Specific Concentration Limit (SCL) of 0,03% requested for the classification is not realistic and inconsistent with the existing EU legislation on risks management.
AFEMS is constantly involved with the other European Associations in providing the necessary information and support concerning the use of metallic lead in ammunition.