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• April 17-18, 2018: AFEMS Technical Committee, Rome (Italy)
• June 7-9, 2018: 67th AFEMS Congress, Portoroz (Slovenia)
• October, 2018: AFEMS BOD, Brussels (Belgium)

AFEMS dresses European
Over the years, AFEMS the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition has undergone many evolutions, in order to be more effective in advancing its missions and promoting the voice of the sector. The European soul of the Association and the rapidly changing policy-making scenario confronted AFEMS with the need to pursue incremental adjustments to come ever nearer to the European Union institutions. As part of this change, AFEMS decided to acquire a new look, appointing Gloria Martini as secretary-general... [continue reading]

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Strategic Committee

Since 2010 a Strategic Committee has been nominated as a Permanent Advisory Body to the Board of Directors. The Committee comprises six Board Members: three are nominated for two years and three for three years, in both cases renewable. The President and the Secretary General of the Association are permanent Members.

The limited number of members guarantees effectiveness and retains flexibility, enabling the committee to meet quickly when necessary.

The Committee’s role includes the development of proposals for strategic projects in the following areas:
Membership development: AFEMS aims to recruit and represent member companies from all Member States of the European Union and the rest of Continental Europe;
Harmonization: to facilitate a productive dialogue between all AFEMS’ diverse members, which respects minorities and diversity of cultures;
Financing: to create an appropriate structure of membership fees that takes into account the capabilities of our members and the needs of the Association;
Marketing and communication: to build a strong brand image through good public relations, and a brand which members themselves support and promote. To establish a cohesive, consistent and unique association identity that clearly communicates what AFEMS has to offer members;
Political activity: to realise the potential for the Association in coordinating the positions of individual member countries in order to present a single, unified voice for the sporting ammunition sector, while at the same time promoting the shared values ??and culture of the sector.