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• April 17-18, 2018: AFEMS Technical Committee, Rome (Italy)
• June 7-9, 2018: 67th AFEMS Congress, Portoroz (Slovenia)
• October, 2018: AFEMS BOD, Brussels (Belgium)

AFEMS dresses European
Over the years, AFEMS the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition has undergone many evolutions, in order to be more effective in advancing its missions and promoting the voice of the sector. The European soul of the Association and the rapidly changing policy-making scenario confronted AFEMS with the need to pursue incremental adjustments to come ever nearer to the European Union institutions. As part of this change, AFEMS decided to acquire a new look, appointing Gloria Martini as secretary-general... [continue reading]

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Technical Committee

A Technical Committee has been established to deal with technical, safety and environmental issues and prepare advice on these topics.

It comprises experts of the Association’s member companies who are appointed for a period of three years. The Committee is led by a Chairman who is elected by at least two thirds of committee members. The Chairman, whose nomination has to be approved by the Board, is elected for a three year period which is renewable.

Each AFEMS Member has the right to delegate an expert from its organisation as a member of the Committee. The Technical Committee convenes when deemed necessary.

While it operates on the basis of a programme laid down by the Board, it is entitled to initiate projects of its own, reporting to the Board through the Secretary General.

The Committee, under Board authorisation, may be supported by external experts.

The following topics are the main focus for the Committee:
• safety in production, storing, handling, transport, use and disposal of ammunition, components and products related to our Industry;
• environment and health in production;
• technical implications for UN, EU and National legislation;
• and accidents and incidents occurring within companies in our field.