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• January 22-25, 2019: SHOT Show, Las Vegas (USA)
• February 11-12, 2019: AFEMS Lead Task-Force, Brussels (Belgium)
• March 8-11, 2019: IWA Outdoor Classics, Nuremberg (Germany)
• April 2-3, 2019: AFEMS Technical Committee, Liege (Belgium)

From 7-9 June 2018, Portoroz (Slovenia) hosted the 2018 AFEMS Congress.
The Congress, at its 67th edition, was a great success: 131 guests joined the numerous AFEMS' Institutional and Social events scheduled in the agenda.
The General Assembly, held on 8th June, once again showed a great participation: 76 delegates representing 44 Companies and Associations from 20 different European Countries.
During the General Assembly, the AFEMS activities of the past 12 months were reported and the action plan regarding the next 12 months was presented. The Chairmen of the Committees and the Secretariat presented the progress made on projects under their responsibility.
Several presentations were illustrated by outstanding Guest Speakers. The first presentation provided a portrait of the hunting activity in Slovenia. The second provided an overview of the directive implementation in Sweden, while the third presentation focused on the public consultation recently launched by ECHA and the impact that the inclusion of lead metal in the REACH Candidate List could have on the ammunition sector.
The next AFEMS Congress will be held in June 2019, in Helsinki (Finland).
For further information, please contact the AFEMS Secretariat.

More than ammunition: AFEMS' commitment towards sports, environment and social inclusion
Hunting and sport shooting are sometimes perceived in a negative way despite the industry's continuous commitment to positively impact the communities where these sports are practiced. That's why AFEMS and its members work tirelessly to better communicate these benefits so the general public can have a holistic view of the industry, which is about much more than just lead. [continue reading]



Quality and innovation since 1885

Name VIBRON S.r.l.
Address Via dell'Industria 9/B
Country Italy
Postal Code I-20884
Phone +39- 039-6022565 Fax +39-039-6200304
Company's Description
VIBRON is a young and dynamic Company, established in 2007, producing vibrating machines, automatic systems and all media for the surface finishing. All technicians are coming from a previous experience in an important Company with more than 30 years' experience in the field of surface finishing for parts of ammunition. VIBRON cooperates with the most important European engineering, supplying and integrating our finishing systems in complete production lines all around the world.
VIBRON is specialized in automatic customized systems of surface finishing for all parts of the cartridge:
CASES: (brass & steel) from the cup to the finished cartridge: degreasing – deburring – descaling – pickling – polishing – passivation – soaping - drying (by hot air and/or corn cob material)
BULLETS: degreasing – polishing – passivation - drying (by hot air and/or corn cob material)
LEAD & STEEL CORES: degreasing - dry cleaning process
CAPSULES, ANVILS, PRIMERS, SHOT GUN CASES degreasing – polishing – passivation - drying (by hot air and/or corn cob material)
ATEX SPECIAL SYSTEMS special cleaning systems in explosive area complying with ATex regulation.
VIBRON also produces all the necessary consumables and chemicals for all surface treatments, complying with the most important international regulations.