What we do

In order to safeguard the collective interests of its members, AFEMS undertakes a range of activities. Working with our members, AFEMS aims to:

  • gather and exchange information on scientific, technical, institutional, environmental and standardisation issues regarding sporting ammunition and related industries;
  • participate in working groups, comprising experts from European industry, to study problems and propose solutions;
  • cooperate with the European Commission during Directive preparatory stages, by being able to provide specific information regarding our industry;
  • submit papers to the EU Parliament representing our industry’s position;
  • monitor the work of the Committee of United Nations Working Groups and Experts (Transport of Dangerous Goods);
  • co-operate with CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to draft standards to govern our sector;
  • establish and maintain working relations with the main European non-governmental organisations safeguarding and developing hunting and sport shooting;
  • foster compatibility between the industry’s requirements and the expectations of environmental protection bodies;
  • promote mutual respect, dialogue and shared goals between the hunting and sport shooting community, decision-making bodies and public at large, to improve quality of life and to maximise economic benefits.